Maria Margarida

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An amazing weekend at ShiftAPPens

Feb 20, 2016

During the last weekend me and some friends(Rafaela and Casaleiro) participated in Shift APPens, a Hackathon that took place in Coimbra, Portugal and in which you have 48 hours to develop a new APP. However, it’s also about the talks, mini-events, random surprises, really nice staff and people that are anxious to learn more. There were 42 teams competing , and these were composed by programmers and designers from around the country. We started to think about how we all know about fitness apps - some help you with nutrition plans and others with exercise plans but none of these applications combine all the features in one single APP. That’s why we came up with the idea of making a web APP that binds all of these features together - FitAppens. FitAppens provides you with an exercise plan made for the user’s body characteristics and health conditions. You can also change some exercises in your plan if you’re not comfortable with them. Together with the exercise plans, you also have nutrition plans that give you a shopping list with the nourishments you need. You also have to keep updating your weight and if you want to, you can change the level of your exercises. Your improvement is available in the user dashboard. Here, you can see a teaser about the app and a video explaining the features. In conclusion, this event gave us a fantastic weekend in which we learned how to use some new tools, made new friends, and I can proudly say that this the first of many more future Hackathons. We also won the Healthcare Challenge organised by Subvisual.